Bad Oral Habits to Avoid

There are countless everyday habits that we fall into without realizing how damaging their effect can be on our mouth. One of the worst offenders is the tooth pick.

Tooth picks are in most households, and restaurants normally have a dispenser right at the counter. We use them as a way to remove any stubborn pieces of food caught in our teeth while eating, or simply twirl them in our mouth. Whether using a tooth pick to clean teeth or using one out of habit, this small device can damage your teeth and surrounding tissue. Unless you have large gaps between your teeth, pushing a toothpick in between your teeth abrades delicate tooth and root structure. Continued use over time can cause your gum line to recede and can create holes on the root of your tooth. Floss is a great and safe alternative for removing any food that may be stuck or wedged in between your teeth.

Avoiding this oral habit will help ensure your smile stays healthy. We’re always available should you have any questions or concerns regarding your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

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