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Smile Designs and Makeoversto enhance and rejuvenate the entire face.

Cerec technology Our same day filling and crown machine. No messy impressions, uncomfortable temporary restorations, or second appointment. Walk out with a beautiful and strong restoration the same day!

Comprehensive Treatments by a team of highly acclaimed doctors to restore the health of your mouth and to make your smile beautiful.

Implant Restorations to replace a single tooth or to replace old dentures to restore chewing ability and self-confidence.

Veneers, Crowns, Inlays and Onlaysall porcelain restorations to most conservatively, create beauty, strength and function in teeth.

Lumineers / Veneers without anesthetic for removal of any tooth structure.

Tooth Colored Restorations restoring a tooth to its original beauty whether replacing decay or old silver/black fillings.

Invisalign / Invisible Braces straighten your teeth with no awkward wires and brackets.

Neuromuscular Therapy to relax and retain the muscles to improve and treat teeth grinding or Bruxism, Migraine Headaches, tension headaches and other related issues.