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A dental implant is a root replacement inserted surgically into the bone. The implant is made of titanium. It is the metal used most often in the bones of the body (i.e. Hip replacement, Knee replacement, to strengthen and align broken bones) because it is very compatible with the human system and not rejected as most foreign substances are.

Surgery to place an implant can be pain free. Some mild to moderate post-operative soreness is often controlled with medications such as Ibuprofen. After the implant placement it can become Osseo integrated with the bone (the bone heals around the implant and accepts its presence) and subsequently a crown (resembling a missing tooth) can be fastened to it. This crown / implant can now function with the rest of the dentition. Implants can also be used to support multiple missing teeth. And they can be used in a way to support dentures that fasten to the implants.

If the Implants are an option, all options will be discussed – benefits, pros and cons – so you can decide if they are the right choice for restoring your mouth.

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